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Warranty Policy


The warranty covers all material and product defects, which may occur under normal use. The warranty period is 24 months from the day of purchase according to EU Regulations. All warranty-claims should be directed only to the dealer / retailer where you bought the item. Keep the original proof of purchase in a safe place. Warranty repairs will be refused if no proof of purchase can be presented.

Return the product to the dealer / retailer where you bought the item in its original packaging, if possible; otherwise ensure safe and proper packaging. The risk of transport damage lies with you. We take no responsibility for included accessories such as DVDs, USB devices, etc.
Add a clear description of the problem.



We determine whether the defective device will be exchanged or repaired. Consumables (components expected to be replaced during the lifetime of the product) are not covered by this warranty (see point 6).

For repairs outside the warranty period or caused by damages due to improper use we reserve the right to charge material and labor costs.



Damages caused by external influences, negligence, improper use, modifications, additions, use of third party spare parts, careless transportation, poor transport packaging or damage during return are at your risk.


Warranty Conditions:

1. The warranty is only valid with proof of purchase.

2. No warranty if no purchase date is listed.

3. No warranty if the product is used improperly or not according to the user manual, faulty repairs and after expiration of the warranty period.

4. Contact your dealer for warranty claims and complaints.

5. Shipment of goods at your cost and your risk.

6. Batteries, antennas, cables, buttons, battery covers, cassettes and other accessories are not covered by this warranty.


We do encourage you to go through the product manual to learn more about the warranty coverage as on specific products the above warranty may varies.